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    What are AlphaFarma's Business Hours, and how can I reach you in the case of urgent orders?



      AlphaFarma's business hours are from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. In case of urgent orders or enquiries we may be contacted by email or on mobile phone +35699494405 or +356 99499360

  • What types of pharmaceuticals are handled by Alphafarma?


      AlphaFarma handles all types of pharmaceuticals, including generics, branded goods and PI lines. We make sure than all supplies are procured either from manufacturers or else from licenced wholesalers in the EU. Supplies sourced from outside the EU are heavily audited by our Quality Control staff.

  • Can you give me an example of how i can benefit from Alphafarma's secondary packaging services?

      Lets say you are asked to source a product from country A that has to be delivered to country B. However country B requires that the product packaging is altered to adhere to local language or numbering requirements, and that the Patient Information Leaflet is also printed in the language used in country B. Alphafarma is able to carry out this modification by over labelling, or in extreme cases reboxing, whislt the PIL will be translated by certified medical translators, printed and inserted in the box. We will always work under the supervision of our customer to his exact requirements, with the minimum of fuss and in as little time as possible. The first step is to contact us.

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